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PRGE Air Raid Early Bird Special

Congratulations, you have purchased a PRGE Air Raid Early Bird Special! Please do not publicly share this page or link to it. The discount code included in the package is a one-time use only, and can not be redeemed by other people. Your code will be used at time of purchase of the completed/boxed version of Air Raid for the Mattel Intellivision. Instructions on how to redeem your $5.00 discount are as follows:


  1. Join the Official Intellivision Revolution Newsletter. CLICK HERE
  2. Wait for notification of Air Raid Early Bird Purchase.
  3. Follow instructions that will direct you back to this page. (or frequently check this page)
  4. Follow newly added payment link on this page and enter your discount code with payment.
  5. Early Bird Special buyers games will be sent out earlier than general sales.
  6. Wait for game to arrive.

Any issues or questions CONTACT US.