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Intelligentvision releases Fight for the Cup 2017 NHL All Star Hockey

This takes Hockey to the next level! The Super Pro gave you features you so wanted such as one player and larger playing area. All-Star Super Pro delivers everything else you wanted! You may now o…

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Order the manual/label/overlay kit for Fight for the Cup 2017 - NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey directly from mthompson. Fight for the Cup is published by Intelligentvision.

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NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey by Intelligentvision

Father and his jerkoff son make a pickups video

Intellivision Playcable music

Unlucky Pony coming soon to Intellivision

Coming soon to your Intellivision. Made by Gameblabla and published by IntellivisionRevolution.

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New games for your Intellivision review video

Ultimate Pong game available for free

Download the free digital ROM for Ultimate Pong HERE.

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1982 Parker Brothers promotional video

Super Chef Burgertime high score video

RUMOR Intellivision Flashback 2 releasing holiday 2017

New Intellivision homebrew PRINCESS LYDIE

A new free demo is available for download of the game Princess Lydie. Programmed by Marco Marreo. Download the ROM here.

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