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BCs Quest For Tires still available from CollectorVision

Did you miss BCs Quest For Tires on the Intellivision?    CollectorVision still has some copies available for purchase on the official site.

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RUMOR Intellivision Flashback 2 releasing holiday 2017

Tutorial for cleaning Intellivision cartridges

STONIX gameplay via Emulation

IntellivisionDude plays Mystic Castle by Intelligentvision ORDER DIGITAL ROM

IntellivisionDude gives Mystic Castle some game time. Mystic Castle is an updated version of the original Thunder Castle. Purchase the digital Rom directly from the publisher, Intelligentvision. V…

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Young collector Alex Arcade shows Intellivision Collection

A new generation of Intellivision collector!

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PRGE 2016 - Ultimate Pong Available at the Convention

Ultimate Pong is making its debut at PRGE in Portland Oregon on October 22, 23 2016. Visit the Intellivision Revolution booth to pick up your copy!

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PRGE 2016 - IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1 Available at the Convention

Get your copy of IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1 if you are planning to visit PRGE in Portland, OR on October 22,23 2016.

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PRGE 2016 - Copter Command Available at the Convention

Visit the Intellivision Revolution Booth at PRGE on October 22, 23 2016 to pick up your copy.

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Intellivision Yard Sale Find

Intellivisiondude unboxes the LTO FLASH Intellivision Multicart

Classic Game Room review Dragonfire for the Intellivision

The Official COIN OP KIDS Website is Live

A new retro game themed trading card set is coming in 2017. Based on popular arcade and 80's home console characters. They are a parody of the once popular Cabbage Patch Kids. Click here for more …

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I Want My Intellivision Song remixed video

Atari Flashback comes to PS4 and Xbox One

Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1 & 2 are available for the Ps4 and Xbox One. Get your copy now!

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RETRO PROTECTION Intellivision box protectors

Box protectors for your Intellivision games from Retro Protection. Order HERE.

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Intellivision Parker Brothers unreleased game boxes now available

Marc Oberhauser is now taking orders for the set of Parker Brothers boxes. No games are included as these are for display purposes only. ORDER HERE.

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Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes box art

Collectorvision has shown off the official box art for their upcoming release, Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe. A few changes may still occur before release.

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Intellivision PRINCESS QUEST digital ROM now available for purchase

Order your copy of the Princess Quest game for Intellivision. Available from the original programmer of this Collectorvision release. ORDER HERE.

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Level Up Video Games has the LTO Flash in stock PAYPAL ACCEPTED

Level Up Video Games has the new LTO Flash in stock and accepts Paypal payments. Check them out

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