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Boxed and complete Spiker Super pro Volleyball up for auction on Ebay

Currently up for auction on Ebay are two boxed complete Spiker Super Pro Volleyball games. One is from Ebay seller Utahmountainrose, this auction has no Reserve or Buy It Now and had a very low starting bid. In 2010 several boxed Spiker's sold around $1,100 an $1,800 respectively . It will be interesting to see if Spiker still holds it value and commands a high price tag as in the past. Check out the auction here: Spiker Auction. Another Boxed Spiker has appeared now. It will be interesting to see if this will dilute the current demand for this very rare game. The second Auction can be found here: Second Spiker Auction. UPDATE: Both of these auctions have ended. Both sold in the $1,300.00 range. This is consistent with the previous selling prices and may be a new average price for this very rare title.

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I'm going to vegas in March. My wife want to see Celine Dion so I need to go :) CGE is in August...the time is not good. however, I will go to the Tim Harnold pinball place. That will be fun for sure.


Max! Are you going to CGE?


very very nice condition. I'm sure some people that already own one will bid on this one.

my prediction is 1500$ an over.

i will like to bid but going to vegas soon and I need to keep my money