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CGE 2K12 Is Almost Here!

The Classic Gaming Expo is just a couple of weeks away, happening on August 11th and 12th 2012 in Las Vegas. This event will be a special event for Intellivision fans especially, Intellivision Productions, Elektronite, and Left Turn Only will be present. Maybe a few surprises will surface from this event. You can see more about this event on the official site: CGEXPO. Classic Gaming Expo enters its 13th year as the world's first and largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and games of yesteryear. The 2012 event will feature vendors, guest speakers, music and events celebrating the rich history of videogaming, from Pong to PlayStation! This year guarantees to be the biggest and best ever, with surprises announced here regularly as the show draws near. As always, CGE is open to the public and gamers of all ages are welcome!

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