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Classic Gaming Expo CGE 2014 is the Place For You

The Classic Gaming Expo comes back to the Riviera Hotel & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada this year from September 12-14, for its 15th anniversary to represent the best games from the birth of the industry through today’s latest retro-themed products.

In what may be the highlight of the event, Intellivision Productions will be exhibiting their new Intellivision Flashback Console before it is released in stores.  Other vendors scheduled to appear at the expo include:  Toy Shack, Hyperkin, Brett Weiss, Gamer’s Paradise, Portland Retro Expo, Game Repair, Anime Revolution, Too Many Games, Intellivisionairies Podcast, RetroGaming Roundup Podcast, Steve Lin, Game King, Rawk Threads, Retro Magazine, Adam Cohen, Songbird Productions, Christa Carpenter, Evan Burman, Shark Robat, Good Deal Games (who will be debuting 4 new surprise titles for the Colecovision and Road Duel programmed by Stephen Smith for the Atari VCS), and more to be announced in the coming days.

The arcade selection has also greatly expanded this year to include over 100 arcade and pinball machines in the “CGE Arcade and Pinball Hall of Fame” annex.  The console section will feature 50 consoles covering the history of video games as well as a huge selection of LCD & LED classics for play.

There will also be several panels and movies showcased at CGE, followed by Q&A sessions.  You can attend screenings of classics and new films such as Video Craze, Gameplay, Once Upon Atari, King of Arcades, Gamer Age, and more.  In between the panels, presentations, and movies, music will be provided by bands like 8 Bit Weapon, The British IBM, Compute Her, and Evilwezil.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the piece de resistance of the CGE, the Video Game History Museum.  Showcasing nearly 7000 square feet of rare items like prototypes, limited release items, accessories, and memorabilia.

For more information, head to the CGE Expo website today.

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