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Collector CMART's Parker Brothers Collection


There were usually three types of boxes available, the regular US issue, the bilingual Canadian version and the International release. Here, sadly with one glaring omission, is all of the Parker Brothers boxes for the Intellivision.

First up is Frogger, which came in the standard three versions. This is the most common of the Parker Brothers releases, so the US one is really easy to find, the other 2 aren't too bad. (By the way, if you're trying to figure out which version a game is at a glance while you're squinting at ebay auction pictures on your iPhone, look at the blue stripe at the bottom of the front of the box.....if it has two lines of white text it's the US release, if it has one line it's the International one, and if there isn't a blue line, but rather some black writing, then it's the Canadian one.)


Next up is Qbert, which comes with a fourth version of the box, one that is a flip top, as opposed to the two piece boxes all the other versions came in...and no, I don't know why. The flip top box is nowhere near as sturdy either, and as a result, is difficult to find in mint shape.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back might not be everyone's favourite game (probably the worst of the six, although I genuinely enjoy playing the other 5), but it is a great one from a collecting standpoint. Auctions of sealed versions of this often run above $100. This also came in three versions.


Popeye is another of the three box version games, but the Canadian one is particularly hard to find, second to "he who shall not be named" in my mind.


Second to last, and the priciest of the 6 regular releases, although it didn't actually receive a US release, is Tutankham. There is only one version of this box that I'm aware of, and it's the International one. If anyone has ever seen a Canadian version, please post pics, and if you happen to own one, you know how to PM me. This will generally run you between $100-150 CIB...and apparently over $1000 NIB!!!! Yikes.


Which of course brings us to the other game in the pic above and the second rarest regular issue, Super Cobra. Again, there was no US release, but there was a freakishly limited release in Canada. This remains on my most wanted list, and came in at number 4 on our Top 30 Intellivision variations list. http://www.atariage....ion-variations/

And last but not least is all SIX Parker Brothers International versions, SEALED!

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