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Colossal Cave Adventure in development for the Intellivision

Colossal Cave Adventure, the text based computer game is in production for the Intellivision. Programming is being done by Valter Prette, the owner of Intellivision
This Game is anticipated to be complete sometime in 2012, possibly early 2013 for a release. Check out his online programming diary for constant updates. This Game falls under the new Microlabs label for new Intellivision games underway. For more history of this game check out this great Website. If you are new to Colossal Cave Adventure, here is a little glimpse of the game:

The Colossal Cave Adventure game, produced in the '70s, was the historic first "interactive fiction" game, in which the computer would simulate and describe a situation and the user would type in what to do next, in simple English. 

Magic was afoot in the cave...

You are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike...

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