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 D2K Arcade - By Elektronite - 10/10 Score

Review by TrekMD

How do you make an already excellent game even better? You create original content for it, of course! D2K was inspired by D2K: Jumpman Returns and released by Elektronite as a game that could be considered a natural extension of the original Donkey Kong Arcade by adding five more screens of gameplay. This means that now there are NINE screens of Donkey Kong goodness (or badness, depending on your perspective) to play! The D2K cartridge is actually two games in one as the menu allows you to play Game 1, the original D1K, and Game 2, D2K. The additional five screens include twisted girders, the mixer, the refinery, triple elevators, and the eliminator (aptly named!). Each of these new screens introduces new elements into the game and add to the difficulty level. One great aspect of all these screens is that, despite being new, they all retain the spirit of the original and do feel like a logical extension to the game. As with D1K, you have the choice of playing as Mario, Toni, or Bruno which, again, will add to the strategy of the game and will bring you back to play more. Even if you are DK expert, this game will prove challenging and fun. I can easily say that this version of Donkey Kong now puts to shame any other home console version of this classic and that it is the ultimate version of Donkey Kong for classic gamers. As with D1K, a two-player option is also available. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it at ELEKTRONITE.  You can get a loose cart or a boxed collector’s edition.

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DK Arcade - By Elektronite - 10/10 Score

Review by TrekMD

There are certain games that everyone always wanted to see improved from what was originally ported to a given console. Donkey Kong is such a game and it, finally, has gotten the attention it deserved on the Intellivision. Where the Coleco port of Donkey Kong for the Intellivision was embarrassingly bad, this version of Donkey Kong is a shining star. You know you have a winner when you turn on the console and see a very nice title screen with a menu of options, great music, and a nice render of Kong himself! If you’ve never played Donkey Kong (under what rock have you been hiding if you haven’t?), your goal is to rescue a damsel in distress who has been captured by a giant gorilla called Donkey Kong. Kong doesn’t make things easy for you as you have to move up through girders that he has damaged, all while he is throwing barrels your way. There are also fireballs that chase you, jumping springs, huge pies, and other dangers through the four different screens of game play. Yes, ALL four screens from the arcade game have made it into this port and impressively so. Let me say this again, the barrels, rivets, elevators, and pie screens are all here! With this port, the Intellivision has the honour of being one of the few home systems to have all of the arcade screens. Each screen has been given a great level of detail and each one is as close to the arcade as possible. To make the game even more fun, you actually get to choose between three characters to play: Mario, Toni, and Bruno, each with unique attributes. Mario is your standard, middle of the road man, and the original character in the game. Toni is a fast runner and Bruno is the slowest of the three but he can climb the ladders while holding the hammer. Having the choice between these characters adds to the game play by altering your strategy and it also adds replay value. Graphics and sounds on this DK Arcade are fantastic. Kong looks like himself, Mario (as well as Toni and Bruno) look great, and the enemies all look nearly arcade perfect. The damsel in distress shouts out for help like in the arcade and even little animation details, such as the barrels bouncing and Kong rolling his eyes when he falls at the rivet screen, are present. Game control also works well (I know this is always a concern with the Intellivision controllers) and seldom did I find myself having any trouble because of this. All the familiar arcade sounds are also here and we even get the intermission screens saying “how high can you go?” I simply cannot say enough good things about this game. I should also mention that this game has a two-player option as well. If you have an Intellivision, you need get this game yesterday! If you don’t have an Intellivision, get one and then get this game. You will not regret it! DK Arcade can be purchased as a loose cart here: A boxed collector’s edition is in the works. 

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