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D2K Updated Release Information

The release of the upcoming Intellivision game D2K Arcade has been pushed back to the end of April, 2012. The controller overlay design has been finalized and the box art is being worked on by the author of the arcade version of D2K Jumpman Returns. The cartridge will be brand new, as designed by Joe Z. from Left Turn Only, the author of Space Patrol. The actual game itself  is in the final testing phase. This release also features digitized sounds taken from the original Donkey Kong code and reintroduced into this release, Now you can clearly hear Pauline say "HELP!" without the use of the Intellivoice Module. This game also features an Elektronite start up screen. In game play control has you pressing the upper side buttons to jump. The bottom buttons are disabled to allow the pause button to work by using keypad number 8.  After the release there will be a high score contest as well as official T-shirts. This game will be made available for purchase at CGE 2012 in Las Vegas this coming August as well as on the Gamesforyourintellivision website. Stay tuned for an upcoming gameplay video soon. And don't forget to pre-order this great game!

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