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DK Arcade Boxed Version coming in April

The release of the latest Elektronite game is coming this April. It will retail for $60.00 US plus shipping and handling.

Do you own the original Elektronite cart only release? If so, you may be satisfied with simply a cartridge. However, you may wish to have the CIB version, but don't want to 'buy the game again'. Elektronite has a solution that they hope that you will be happy with. If you send Classic Game Publishers the original loose cartridge in the mail, you will be able to purchase the game complete in box for $30 US plus shipping and handling. This offer can not be combined with other discounts that may be offered (such as a bundled D1K and D2K package)

The new CIB version will be the same EXCEPT, that the voice defaults to ON, and it is in an LTO shell with a very attractive sticker.

The box will feature a hologram Elektronite serial number, come with a full color manual, and two DK Arcade overlays in an attractive gatefold design.

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