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Groovybee Shows New BEE3 Pcb and Rocketeer Gameplay

Groovybee has shown off his fully operational deathstar game cartridge now called the Bee3. Shown playing in an Intellivision console is the upcoming game Rocketeer presented by Capt. Bacon!  Here are some board specifications:

The cart in the video is using the ATmega644 and supports games with the following specifications.

  • Up to 32K words* of ROM space for a game and its data.
  • 1.5K words of RAM for game use.
  • 1K words of auto wear levelled EEPROM for high scores and game data.

* The cart driver code occupies the same flash space as the game. However, the game can use any Inty memory map layout but must use no more than 32K's worth of space (for this microcontroller).

The version of Rocketeer on the cart is being played in "god mode" so the avatar is invincible.

The same PCB is also compatible with the ATmega1284 and the ATmega324 which allows the design to scale with the game's requirements (by supplying more/less ROM/RAM as required).

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