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Intellivision Developer Elecktronite Website Is Live

Elektronite born in Italy in 2005 as a no profit organisation as an initiative of Valter Prette at The aim of the new brand is producing development tools and documentation expressly for Mattel Electronics Intellivision platform. During Years 2006 and 2007 the company contacted several software houses and acquire licenses for developing classic hits such as Boulderdash (©First Star), Defender of the Crown (©Cinemaware), Gridrunner and Hover Bovver (©Llamasoft), Arkanoid (©Taito) and Archon (©Free Fall). Despite the big effort and collaboration from several passionate collectors from all around the world, Elektronite has to wait longtime before to actually debut as real game producer, thanks to investment made by W. Moeller on GamesForYourIntellivision. Check out the website HERE.

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