Mysterious New Intellivision Game

March 5, 2015

Coming in 2015 to your Intellivision. 

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C'mon Rev,

spill the beans mate....

You know you want to

anything to do with the female anatomy?

Kinda looks like space shuttle. hoping. lol

Oh, please be Magic Carousel 2 ;-)

Unlikely it is Space Shuttle unless a lot of work has been done to turn it into an actual game.

Not Shuttle, not a female anatomy game, not Magic Carousel sequel.....this is not an old Mattel game. It is an Intellivision Intellivoice 'conversion' of a very popular Arcade/console game. Once you see and here the game, it will make perfect sense. To be revealed soon. ;-)

It looks a port of the game I've dreamed of programming. The Journey Arcade game.

is this still being released in 2015?