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Intellivision / Gameboy Development Kit Up For Auction

Up currently on Ebay is a one-of-a-kind Intellivision/Gameboy development kit. View the auction HERE.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind auction. The following is from the auction description:

I am the developer of Intellivision for GameBoy Color (hereafter I4GBC), the world's first Intellivision emulator for a portable system (developed between 2000-2001), and this is the actual development system I used to develop and test I4GBC.

Not only is this development system historically significant (being the absolute first in the world, and authored by me, Carl Mueller, Jr.), but also I4GBC itself will allow you to play over 60 Intellivision games on your Nintendo GameBoy Color system. (It will also work on the GameBoy Advance, Micro, Super GameBoy, and on the GameBoy adapter for GameCube, to play on the big screen.)

As a side note, I also developed the first Intellivision emulator for an 8-bit system (Intellivision for NES), and the world's first Intellivision emulator between 1995-1996 (INTVPC) that was eventually released by the Blue Sky Rangers as part of their Intellivision Lives! CD-ROM package. I'm also the author of DK Arcade and D2K Arcade for the Intellivision.

Here's a summary of the items I'm offering in this auction, all of which were used to develop and test the Intellivision for Gameboy Color emulator.

- GameBoy Color unit (purple-tinted, transparent shell)

- Cartridge burning adapter with cable

- 64 MB reprogrammable cartridge (can contain 60 emulated Intellivision games)

- Carrying case and wormlight

- Notebook full of development notes and sketches (for examples, see above photos)

- Complete commented I4GBC source code

- MS-word document describing the control mappings for every supported game

I'm willing to sign, date, or write whatever you like to authenticate that this is the one and only system used to develop the emulator.

I'll also send you a copy of the software necessary to compile your own Intellivision ROMs so that they can be flashed to the included development cartridge (no copyrighted software is included in this sale – you must have the original BIN and CFG files for each supported game). The software incidentally contains the full commented source code to the Intellivision for Gameboy Color emulator.

Here the games supported by the emulator:

Tower of Doom

Bodyslam Super Pro Wrestling

Chip Shot Golf

Super Pro Decathlon


Pole Position

Slamdunk Super Pro Basketball

Thunder Castle

Thin Ice


World Championship Baseball

Congo Bongo



Beauty and the Beast

Blockade Runner


Buzz Bombers


Demon Attack

Donkey Kong Jr



Ice Trek

Lock `n' Chase


Micro Surgeon

Mission X

Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing


Q Bert

Sewer Sam

Shark Shark

Slapshot Super Pro Hockey

Sub Hunt

Swords and Serpents

Treasures Of Tarmin

Tropical Trouble






Armor Battle



Donkey Kong

Dragon Fire

Frog Bog

Happy Trails

Night Stalker



Sharp Shot



Space Armada

Space Battle

Space Hawk

Star Strike

Star Wars

Triple Action

Tron Deadly Discs

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