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Intellivisionaires Poscast Episode 6 Now Available

Check out the latest episode of the fantastic Intellivision poscast from the Intellivisionaries. Episode 6 is AVAILABLE HERE. Then head over to Atari Age forums and discuss your favorite parts in there. 

Program highlights for this episode are: We do our traditional “deep dive” game review; this time it’s The Dreadnaught Factor from Activision. We interview the programmer / designer of the game, Tom Loughry. We also interview Kieren Hawken (aka “The Laird”) from Retro Video Gamer in the UK. And this month we have a special guest host, Kevin Savetz – author of “The Terrible Nerd”, one of the hosts of Antic: The Atari 8-bit Podcast, and an Intellivision collector. And all the feedback, news and fun you’ve come to expect from our show is here too.

The full episode line up:

0:00:00 – Turn on the tube TV to ch. 3, insert Bomb Squad, power up, reset and hit the disc!
0:00:27 – The Intellivisionaries Theme (by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)
0:01:47 – Welcome
0:09:25 – The Odyssey 2 Speaks! (# 1)
0:09:40 – Listener Feedback
0:24:25 – Retrogaming Roundup Promo
0:24:37 – Non-Intellivision Mentions Of Significance That Are Primarily Retro Themed!
0:31:29 – Intellivisionaries Promo (# 1)
0:31:39 – News!
0:45:31 – Keith Robinson Promo
0:45:46 – Interview: Kieren Hawken (Retro Video Gamer / Retrogamer Magazine UK) (part 1)
1:09:31 – Colecovisions Podcast Promo
1:09:49 – The Odyssey 2 Speaks! (# 2)
1:10:02 – Interview: Kieren Hawken (part 2)
1:20:26 – Intellivision commercial (Atari vs. Intellivision)
1:20:56 – Interview: Kieren Hawken (part 3)
1:30:04 – The Odyssey 2 Speaks! (# 3)
1:30:15 – Interview: Kieren Hawken (part 4)
2:06:41 – “Ride Of The Valkyries” (Intellivision game music – from Sub Hunt)
2:07:17 – ‘Vintage’ Canadian Intellivision / PlayCable infomercial (from Brent Santin)
2:13:07 – The Dreadnaught Factor “Deep Dive” review (part 1)
2:34:31 – Activision For Intellivision! (TV Commercial)
2:35:00 – Interview: Tom Loughry (part 1)
3:07:59 – Game Gavel Promo
3:08:11 – Interview: Tom Loughry (part 2)
3:42:04 – The Dreadnaught Factor “Deep Dive” review (part 2)
3:59:48 – William Culver (Colecovisions Podcast) reviews The Dreadnaught Factor
4:04:37 – Intellivisionaries Promo (# 2)
4:04:49 – Wrap-up and sign off (“Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)

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