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Maria now available for Intellivision - Big Box Edition

Maria travels for weeks when she hears a rumor. It seems that in the Big Forest lie the ruins of a thousand years old church. Below this ancient temple would exist an underground tunnel, filled with monsters. An entrance to Hell! Maria immediately moves to join the Big Forest. She perhaps sees an opportunity to finally go home. But, is this cute she-demon right to hope?Answer this question ! Guide Maria through the numerous screens of the game ! Maria is an adventure game, composed of more than 300 rooms to explore. Will you be able to guide Maria through dark dungeons infected by monsters, each more dangerous than the last ? Don't worry ! To join hell you can count on your battle skills and rely on more than 35 items to find through fights and exploration. Our BIG BOX edition is a collector ! You'll be pleased to discover : • A big Box •The game on Intellivision cart and its label •a 78 pages bilingual manual (english-french), full colours, with a making-of included. This making-of is 36 pages in english and tell you everything about the game, its inspiration and is making. •A special A4 poster (21 X 29.7cm - 8.27 X11.42inches). This poster is double sided with a guide map on the back. We do not fold the poster to avoid marks on it ! •an overlay for the paddle. •a lithophane •3 postcards with illustrations.


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