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New Intellivision Game MARS MINIS Announced

This new Intellivision homebrew will be a mini game compilation of mars themed games. You will select the games from a built in menu. So far there are 2 themes, Caverns and Descent. This will be a CART ONLY release and the ordering cut off is June 30 2013. Visit the development BLOG to get on the ordering list.



The object of the game is to guide your spacecraft along the Mars cavern avoiding the walls and obstacles in your path.

Its very loosely based on SFCave. For those unfamiliar with the game genre it only uses one button. Yep! One!!! When you press the button you apply upward thrust to your ship. The longer you press down on the button the more thrust you apply. To fall, you stop pressing the button and gravity takes over.


Your mission is to land your ship in the designated place on the surface of Mars. You control the ship's main and side thrusters and only have a limited amount of fuel to complete the mission. There is still a little bit to do on this one.

Games are chosen from the built in menu (not played consecutively) :-


The menu is a work in progress. It'll probably display your stats on all the mini games as well or maybe some kind of Decathlon scoring system.

The 3rd game will most likey be some sort of shooter.
I've budgeted 8K per mini game and also 8K for the title page/music driver/speech driver/common utility code so if there is a good chunk of ROM space left I'll put a 4th mini game on the cart as well.

Both Descent and Caverns have a procedurally generated fractal landscape and any obstacles are placed randomly in the scene. Hopefully, this keeps the replay value up because the games are different every time you play.

To add to the challenge the final games will each have several difficulty settings too.

I'm hoping that a teaser ROM will be available this weekend (11/12 May).

The important information:

  • Its a cart only release.
  • The price is $40 and includes free shipping to UK/Europe/USA/Canada/Australia/Japan.
  • Its not an issue if you want more than one copy.
  • The pre-order will be open until the 30th of June.

This is a cart only release. There will be no box, manual or overlays.





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