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New Intellivision MultiCart Revealed LtoFlash

A new Intellivision MultiCart is headed to your Intellivision this summer. Originally codenamed: Locutus, the LtoFlash is the final name. This user friendly 'drag and drop' based multicart should be available for purchase by the arrival and revealed at the upcoming retro gaming convention CGE 2k14. A price point is an estimated $119.00 and comes in an Elektronite produced gatefold box with manual. The initial production run should be plentiful and if there is a sellout, more units will be made. More info on ordering will come out soon from LEFT TURN ONLY.  Some highlighted features are:

Official name is: LtoFlash . Codenamed Locutus

Produced by Joe Z, William M, Steve O, and VOLTRON!

Very user friendly

No Sd card needed

Usb2 cable included

More integrated and turn key than cc3

Limited DRM capability, some purchased rom games could only play on your personal LTOFLASH

Download ROMS on self contained cartridge connected to modern pc

Flash on board

Built in file system

Drag and drop game ROM loading user interface 

Menu system on PC and Cartridge

Gatefold Elektronite box, new art, same artist, prints in July, artwork is retro futuristic

Steve Orth programmed interface

Compatible with all existing original mattel games

Potential future multiplayer through USB connected through serial link with special program

Developers may load ROMS instantly

1MB of memory

Field upgradable by flash updates

All current game ROMS works on all systems and accessories

Initial production run should have plenty available

Estimated retail price of $119.00

Possible launch at cge 2k14



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