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New Pitfall Game Coming To iPhone

You spent hours playing Pitfall on an Intellivision or an Atari 2600 back in the day, imprinting your impressionable brain with a fear of crocodiles that not even delicious Choco-diles snacks can’t conquer. Also you love gold. A lot.

You want more Pitfall. It’s coming… to the phone you carry in your pocket everyday.

Per MCVUK, a new Actvision studio in Great Britain has been working on a new Pitfall game targeted at smartphones. The article quotes Activision’s Martyn Brown as saying:

“The first game we are making is in fact Pitfall, which is 30 years old this year.”

“We’ve been working on Pitfall since earlier in the year when we set up and it has been really good to revisit that and bring it to a modern audience.”

Previous latter-day efforts to recapture that first Pitfall‘s mix of fearful jumping and gold-lust haven’t been well-received but hopefully this new release will helop us all remember why we fell in love with platformers — and all video games — in the first place. No pressure, Activision.

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