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Newsletter update for Elektronite's 2013 Releases


A recent Elektronite Newsletter update outlines this years release schedule and plans for upcoming Intellivision releases. Have you not subscribed to the newsletter? Do so HERE! Here is a sneak peek of some of the stuff the newsletter has to offer.

Hello Intellivision fans!
2012 was an exciting year for Intellivision and Elektronite, and 2013 is shaping up to be even better!
As you know, we successfully published D2K Arcade in a beautiful Mattel Style Gatefold box, with full colour manual, professional quality overlays, a cartridge in a brand new shell, all shrink wrapped just like the good old days of 1980-1982!
In October, for those who missed it, we brought out Minehunter. Minehunter is a re-print of a very limited Intelligentvision release. However, our version has been given the same royal treatment as D2K Arcade. Please be sure to pick it up during its special introductory price. We want to reward our early adopters by giving them special prices.
We have held over our Christmas sale until the end of January 2013. On February 1, 2013, the price of Minehunter will be increasing to $65.
Right now, you can purchase Minehunter for $55 US plus shipping.
Add $5 to the order, and we will throw in an XL D2K Arcade T-shirt. (Sorry no size substitutions due to weight)
Or, if you still haven't bought D2K Arcade, buy D2K and Minehunter in a bundle and get them for $113 US plus shipping....a savings of $20 off the regular price!
Order using the links below to order with Master Card or Visa Credit cards

DK Arcade
Match 5
The Lost Caves of Kroz
Paddle Party
Defender of the Crown
DK Arcade is finally getting a box! Some tweaking to the program also is being done to improve it even more!
Match 5 is a puzzle game, that is almost ready to be released. We expect this game to be ready at the same time as DK Arcade.
The Lost Caves of Kroz is an officially licensed game from Apogee, based on its famous "Kroz" series. This version has the intrepid adventurer travelling to the 'Lost Caves' to retrieve the King's crown, hidden in 32 fiendish puzzle rooms.
This game is expected to also be available when Match 5 is finished. We expect all three titles will be ready in April 2013.
Paddle Party is in development, and will be completed after Match 5. We expect that title some time in Summer 2013.
Finally, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to complete the programming on Defender of the Crown.

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