RASPIVISION Rasberry Pi Custom Intellivision Console

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Hello! I've been considering building an ULTIMATE INTELLIVISION FLASHBACK retro console using an ATGAMES INTELLIVISION FLASHBACK—with a Raspberry Pi 2B+ board, 2 ULTIMATE PC INTERFACES, and USB ports, BUT—after I saw your RASPBIVISION demo video, I'm now RECONSIDERING my project path. It's a good use for the normal cartridge entry slot to become a MicroSD port. The USB ports are on the opposite side.

Please consider making these retcon consoles for us all INTELLIVISION fans! Thank You!

I love what you did with the unit! I especially like the raspivision grafix up on the case. Say, is it possible to play other systems games using the Intv controllers? If you decide you want to go in business building these let me know, I have an Intellivision I and a Rasperry Pi to be used as components and I'd over to have one of these. I just really suck at building stuff like this.