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Tales from Elektronite Labs MS PAC MAN and GALAGA

Elektronite has made many attempts to aqcuire official licenses for popular games, such as the official porting of Namco classics:
Ms Pac Man and Galaga!

Having a prototype of Ms Pac Man already in place, they tried hard to find a point of contact in Bandai Namco to buy the license, and possibly extend the agreement to Galaga. The screen shot of Ms Pac Man is on actual Intellivision hardware. But Galaga was never begun for Intellivision.

After contacting several Namco sites around Europe and US from September 2012 to January 2013, Elektronite ended up talking to the licensing department in Japan. They were told that Namco is licensing copyrights for several classic games to themselves! In fact they have a dedicated development department and do not give out licences to external companies.

But Elektronite was very determined to give Ms Pac Man to Intellivision community, they tried a desperate solution: they offered to develop the game and give it for free to Bandai Namco in exchange of permission to distribute and manufacture it!

Not even this proposal was successfull, and Ms Pac Man and Galaga remain in the concept phase. Maybe one day they will see the light of day!

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