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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition has Officially STARTED

The D2K Arcade HSC has officially started! Time to start playing and competing for the top score. The competition starts February 1 and ends February 28 2013. Multiple tiers of prizes will be rewarded to the top scoring players. Time to dust off those Mattel Intellivision's and get playing! D2K Arcade was just released in 2012 by Elektronite, a new video game publisher dedicated to bringing new games to old systems. D2K Arcade features new and improved gameplay, sound, and graphics. Featuring 4 four new game boards and3 playable characters each with their own abilities. The Intellivision home version is second to none! Dont have an intellivision? The ROM version is available as well for play on your PC or emulation device. Have fun this month during the competition!

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