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The Exploring Auto Racing Project

Mapping the Intellivision game AUTO RACING by David Clearwater.

When I was very young, back in the late seventies and early eighties, my friends and I loved playing games for the Atari 2600, the Intellivision, and the ColecoVision. My family owned the Intelivision and one of our favorite games for that system was Auto Racing

At some point, my friends and I discovered that if one drove carefully off-road, it was possible to reach one of the other tracks from the one you were currently driving on. And then we realized that the tracks listed in the manual existed inside one giant map and all were interconnected. To my ten year old mind, this was fascinating... it was like discovering a treasure map. We tried to draw out the map as we explored but with limited success. 

As years passed I would from time to time think of our virtual explorations, still curious as to what that hidden, giant map really looked like.

Then at the beginning of the summer in 2012 I decided to devote some spare time to map out the tracks. I recorded some gameplay footage using the original game for the Intellivision system and an emulated version released for the PlayStation (Intellivision Classic Games). I quickly realized just how time-consuming and tedious it would be to go through the footage, acquire screenshots and then lay them out in image-editing software. In the end I did manage to reconstruct the map but just barely. Unfortunately I did not have time to put it into some more refined audio-visual form before the Fall semester began and so the project was put on hold until this summer.

To make a long story short then, here is the web portion of the Exploring Auto Racing Project. I will try to get a video on YouTube sometime in the near future too but the footage of trying to drive off-track is really unwatchable. 

Enjoy!  David


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