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The Intellivisionaries PODCAST Episode 5 is now LIVE

Get ready for another great episode Intellivisionaries Podcast, Episode 5 is now live. Head on over to INTELLIVISIONARIES to listen, and then head to ATARI AGE INTV FORUMS to discuss. 

Intellivisionaries takes a “deep dive” into the Intellivoice game “Bomb Squad”, talk Intellivision with video game legend Tommy Tallarico, interview Blue Sky Ranger Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, and Mattel Electronics alum Joey Silvian. Plus we have our usual news and listener feedback segments, and a lot more ‘explosive’ Intellivision fun!

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0:00:00 – Turn on the tube TV to ch. 3, insert Bomb Squad, power up, reset and hit the disc!
0:00:19 – The Intellivisionaries Theme (by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)
0:01:40 – Welcome
0:11:39 – Retrogaming Roundup Promo
0:11:52 – The Buddy O Trio – “SNAFU City” (from Intellivision in HiFi CD)
0:14:58 – Listener Feedback
0:27:54 – The Intellivisionaries Promo #1
0:28:02 – News (part 1)
0:34:49 – Aaron Hickman (aka ‘Diagamblic’) – “The Player” [edit] (ColecoVisions Podcast)
0:35:56 – News (part 2)
0:41:26 – The Odyssey 2 Speaks!
0:41:35 – Intelli-idiots!
0:42:35 – News (part 3)
0:44:43 – “SoCal” Mike Kennedy Promo
0:44:54 – Interview with Tommy Tallarico (part 1)
1:27:52 – The Intellivisionaries Promo #2
1:28:05 – Interview with Tommy Tallarico (part 2)
1:51:13 – Bomb Squad “Deep Dive” Review (part 1)
1:58:19 – Mattel Electronics Intellivoice TV commercial (1982)
1:58:50 – Bomb Squad “Deep Dive” Review (part 2)
2:31:28 – Interview with Keith Robinson and Joey Silvian (part 1)
3:00:37 – Game Gavel Promo
3:00:49 – Interview with Keith Robinson and Joey Silvian (part 2)
3:39:42 – Wrap-up and sign off (“Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)

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