The SEARS Tele-Games Overlay Set

Introducing the upcoming Intellivision Sears Tele-Games branded Overlay set!  This set is in the works from AtariAge user Pboland and is making great progress. Also planned is a newly designed custom box to house the overlays set in. Also rumored is custom cartridge stickers to match. Hopefully this sees a release this year. This has been added to the Homebrew Release section as well.

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Jason, you are going for 2 sets of boxed sears too? Awesome! maybe i will too :-)

Doyle, I'm the same way with wanting original items. I suppose I'll have to have 2 sets now, one original and one with the new overlays :-)

Yeah your probably right on that rev. But I am the type that when I collect something the more original it is the better.But these are cool looking I will give them that.

They do look great.But sears did not make special overlays they had thier own boxes & thier name was on the manuals but the overlays & cart stickers were still mattel.They are cool custom overlays but whats really the point?

Man - I thought the beige Sears Super Video Arcade console was ugly, and so was the artwork for the boxes. But most of these overlays have the Mattel ones beat.

yeah, looks great!

cant wait to buy the set