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Updated Intellivision homebrew Same Game & Robots releasing in March 2012

This is updated and enhanced version of Same Game & Robots is scheduled to release in March 2012.Visit for ordering info and subscribe the the newsletter for additional news on more upcoming games. Here is the description of the game:  Strategy and planning is the name of the game regardless which title you choose to test your wits against. Learn to analyze and predict how the game will unfold to achieve the most points and successful completion. Welcome to the peaceful world of SameGame and the tense world of Robots. Either choice is an addicting path.

SAMEGAME - There are three different pieces on the board. Connect as many shapes of one type to score higher points and clear the board. The two variations of the game only have different game rules.

ROBOTS - Move the cursor to destroy all the Robots on the screen by making them collide into each other, by making them hit their left over scrap, or by using a bomb.

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