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Vote for 2013 Intellivision GAME OF THE YEAR

2013 was another great year in terms of game releases for the Mattel Intellivision. A total of 5 games were released, they were: Match 5, Super Pro Tennis, DK Arcade, Super Chef BT, and Paddle Party.  By Elektronite and Intelligentvision respectively. Also released, but not included were The Sears Overlay Set, and a cart only demo of Defender of the Crown, and a 2 level demo of Hover Bovver. The voting will take place on full game releases only. As usual, the  voting is organized by Valter Prette of INTELLIVISION WORLD,  and Elektronite fame. The public voting is taking place on the ATARI AGE forums, not registered? It only takes a few minutes. So, CAST YOUR VOTE NOW! 

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