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Playcable commercial with Mickey Mantle

FOUND Nice Ideas original game storyboards

Nice Ideas was a game developer on the Intellivision in the 1980's. Some storyboards were found that showcased some of there planned games. View the full scans here.

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Arcadia versus Intellivision

Frogger Commercial

Intellivision Store Kiosk

The Spider Man that almost made it to Intellivision

Mattel Intellivision Programmers Home Movie from 1984

1979 Intellivision infomercial

Qbert Commercial Break

Commercial Break

Vintage JC Penny Intellivision and Pong Advertisement

Qbert Merchandise Advertisement

Intellivision Commercial Break - 50 Dollar Rebate

Intellivision Imagic Commercial

The Video Game Timeline

Ted Mayers original Intellivision sketches

Ted Mayer was involved with Mattel Electronics on some original design work. Check out a few of his illustrations on his site

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Intellivision Commercial Break

Rare Brochure Featuring Intellivision III Discovered

A very rare brochure was recently discovered that features the Intellivision III and a handful of games. Look HERE for more photos

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Vintage Intellivision Store Picture

Retro Popeye Game Ad

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