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TARZAN in Development for Intellivision

Collectorvision has begun the initial development for a new Intellivision game, Tarzan. More information as it becomes available.  Not familiar with this game? It has graced the Colecovision and Amiga platform in the 80's.  


Journey to the heart of darkest Africa on a thrilling adventure with Tarzan. Lord of the jungle.
Cruel hunters and the Beastmen of Opar have abducted Tarzan's tribe of Great Apes and imprisoned them in cages throughout the jungle.
It's up to you to save the apes from being shipped out of their jungle home to zoos.

First, rescue Tarzan's faitful monkey companion, Nkima, from the hunters' camp.
Once freed, Nkima accompaines you on your mission and alerts you to hidden snakes and treacherous pit traps with his shrill cry!.

Take heed, Tarzan, you have sworn enemies lurking in the vine-festooned jungle.
Bolgani, the gigantic gorilla, Histah, the sinuous serpent, and Gimla, the killer crocodile will try to stop you!.

The vine-shrouded Temple of the Flaming God in the lost city of Opar holds your final challenge.
The last apes wait for release -but the sinister Beastmen wait too!.
And the fire-breathing Flaming Idol of Opar hurls fireballs at those who dare desecrate the temple!.

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