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New Intellivision cartridge shells available

Two new cartridge shells are now available to purchase at Intellivision Collector.  View the exact details here and info where to purchase. 

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Norseman and Bank Panic digital game sale

Cmadruga and IntellivisionCollector have a sale on two games. Check out the sale now!   Link here

Namco Collection on the Evercade

Papa Pete says goodbye to Intellivision Collector

Get Stadium Mud Buggies for Intellivision

Stadium Mud Buggies by Blue Sky Rangers is now available, currently only on Ebay. Head there to get yours!

Party Line for Intellivision now available

Party Line for the Mattel Intellivision is now available by Blue Sky Rangers. Available on Ebay currently, pick your copy of today!

Intellivision Christmas Carol The Book

Have Christmas Carol for the Mattel Intellivision? A companion storybook is now available for purchase, all the details are HERE. Get your copy now!

Papa Petes Intellivision pickups

Maria now available for Intellivision - Big Box Edition

Maria travels for weeks when she hears a rumor. It seems that in the Big Forest lie the ruins of a thousand years old church. Below this ancient temple would exist an underground tunnel, filled with monsters. An entrance to Hell! Maria immediately moves to join the Big Forest. She perhaps sees an opportunity to finally go home. But, is this cute she-demon right to hope?Answer this question ! Guide Maria through the numerous screens of the game ! Maria is an adventure game, composed of more t…

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Blue Sky Rangers games available

King Of The Mountain, Spiker, and Deep Pockets are available on the Blue Sky Rangers website. Also join the BSR Newsletter.

Good Deal Games now selling Blix and Choclate Mine

Blix & Chocolate Mine is still available for Mattel Intellivision by Good Deal Games. Get your copy here.

Defender Of The Crown by Elektronite is now available to purchase

Defender Of The Crown for the Mattel Intellivision is now available by Elektronite. DOTC debuted in Portland Oregon at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Reserve your copy here: ELEKTRONITE THREAD

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CollectorVision Intelligent Club Membership 2019

The Collectorvision Intelligent Club has been brought to you so you can both support us and get some completely exclusive goodies at the same time!
By being part of our Club, you will also receive exclusive offers!

The Club is limited to 100 members only!*

This is for the hardcore Intellivision fans!


Here’s what you get:
– Membership Card
– 1x CIB Intellivision Game* + its rom file (Exclusive to this Club)
– Access to our roms vault (Excl…

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Blue Sky Rangers has reissued Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey

The Blue Sky Rangers is making avialable around 200 copies of a special reissue of Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey for the intial price of 50.00. See the full details and how to order direct from BSR Steve.

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Jawcrusher digital ROM available at MtxWorld

MtxWorld has made the digital ROM avialable on their website, among other games. Check out the selection on the website.

Intellivision Flashback Overlays Packs still available

Supplemental Overlays for the Intellivision Flashback are available at the Blue Sky Rangers online store. Visit the store HERE.

Jumpking Junior for the Mattel Intellivision NOW AVAILABLE

Jumpking Junior for the Intellivision now available. Visit the IntellivisionRevolution STORE for details.

Intellivision Donkey Kong Junior NOW AVAILABLE

Visit the IntellivisionRevolution STORE for details.

Intelligentvision anniversary catalog for sale

The definitive edition of the Intelligentvision catalog is now available. Released by INTV EXTRAS, purchase details HERE.

Mystic Castle and Super Pro Baseball boxes available

Two boxes for your Intelligentvision games releases last year are available for purchase. DETAILS HERE.

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