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Intellivision Skool Days

It was an Atari world back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but Mattel’s Intellivison staged a pretty good coup. The Atari VCS (a.k.a. the 2600) was the untouchable juggernaut of the home video game world, with hundreds of titles under its championship belt, but Intellivision banked on an old truth: Make it better, and the people will buy it. Fans of both systems may argue about their relative merits, but passions aside, the Intellivision was enough to send Atari-…

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The Retro Gamer Revolution Site Is Live

Introducing RETRO GAMER REVOLUTION, a new site dedicated to retro gaming news as well as modern gaming. Check the front news page for the current happenings in the gaming world, more content will be added as time goes on. Also check out the shared Forum for this site and the IntellivisionRevolution site.

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The Intellivision Ads, Catalogs, and Magazines section is now live!

Check out the IntellivisionRevolution Advertisement,Catalogs, Magazines, Vintage Pictures, and more! View and download directly from Image Viewer and also submit your own pictures. More Pictures will be frequently added. Click here to ENTER. Enjoy!

Video Game Box Protectors!

Want to protect your games from any further wear and tear? Check out Video Game Box Protectors for these clear plastic protectors. They have them for a wide variety of systems including the Intellivision.


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
-Acid Free and Ligind Free
-Safe for long term storage
-New, flat & unfolded
-Clear & Lightweight storage boxes

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Visit the FORUM Retro Gaming Revolution!

The Intellivision Revolution forum has changed names to Retro Gaming Revolution. This will reflect a new direction for the website as more sites are added in the future. Visit it here: Retro Gaming Revolution.

Revival Magazine Space Patrol Review from 2008

With Space Patrol most likely seeing more copies released along with the long rumored Super Space Patrol this year, here is a chance to look back at REVIVAL magazine's original review of this fantastic homebrew game. Space Patrol is considered one of the best games PERIOD on the Intellivision Console. This year may be your chance to pick it up in case you missed it when it originally released or have been trying to pick it up on auction sites but has been too expensive. Stay tuned for more relea…

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Intellivision Developer Elecktronite Website Is Live

Elektronite born in Italy in 2005 as a no profit organisation as an initiative of Valter Prette at The aim of the new brand is producing development tools and documentation expressly for Mattel Electronics Intellivision platform. During Years 2006 and 2007 the company contacted several software houses and acquire licenses for developing classic hits such as Boulderdash (©First Star), Defender of the Crown (©Cinemaware), Gridrunner and Hover Bovver (©Llamasoft), …

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