Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Welcome to the Mattel Intellivision Game Database

This user based database will help in tracking the locations and quantities of the more rare Intellivision games. Use the form below to submit your information to the database. The three main section are Homebrew games, The top 25 rare Intellivision games, and finally the top 25 top rare rare Intellivision game variations.

Please click the section that you want to submit below and then select the games you have in your collection.

Intellivision Homebrew Games

Intellivision Top 25 Rare Games.

Intellivision Top 25 Rare Variation Games.

When using the Intellivision Game Database, please note that some homebrew games are numbered, if you wish to submit the number of your game state the name of the game and the number in the message box before submitting. 

Also be sure to visit the Intellivision Serial Number Database to submit your consoles and accessories.