Adventure awaits must brave the elements, rough terrain, and wildlife to reach the top of the mountain peaks. Make sure to pack an ample amount of supplies for each trip. Your previous experience will be needed for this addictive and challenging sequel. Climb taller mountains, fend off even more bears, more variety, action and more! Featuring ten different mountains, action and strategy, realistic graphics and sound, balanced gameplay. You will keep coming back for more climbing! 


Super Pro KOTM is published by Intelligentvision.

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Ordering & game information


At this time please order no more than 2 copies per game title.

Super Pro KOTM includes: game cartridge, standard box, instruction manual, and 2 overlays. $50.00 + Shipping/handling. 

Shipping worldwide. All materials are ready to ship out in approximately 2-3 weeks from time of order.

Enjoy the climb!


Distributed by IntellivisionRevolution.

ORDER super pro kotm - COMPLETE IN BOX $50.00