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Pixels Movie Posters

Classic Game Fest Convention 2015 Teaser Video

Classic Game Fest 2015 is July 25-25 in Austin Texas, USA. 

E3 1995 Convention Highlights

The First Console War Atari vs Intellivision

National VideoGame Museum Coming to Texas

After years of trying to find a home, the Videogame History Museum now has one: The Frisco, Texas Discovery Center, whose board has committed 10,400 square feet now and nearly $1 million to cover startup costs and construction of a larger facility to showcase its vast collection.

The board of the Frisco Community Development Corporation this week voted unanimously to approve the terms bringing the museum, founded by John Hardie, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli, to the Discovery Center. The Mus…

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CGE 2014 - Arcade and Game Room Walk Through

CGE 2014 - Video Game History Museum Tour

CGE 2014 - Convention Weekend Fun and Booth Set Up

Atari versus Intellivision

  ARTICLE BY TEAM B MARKETING:   I have a confession to make.  I still own an Atari 2600, two as a matter of fact (unless my mother doesn’t care about my childhood and sold my original). So my opinion on the Atari 2600 vs. Intellivision may be slightly biased.  I have one at my home in Denver and one in my parent’s attic in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately the version I have in Denver is a newer model with all the gamesbuilt right into the system, so it’s kind of cheating and pales in co…

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Classic Gaming Expo CGE 2014 is the Place For You

The Classic Gaming Expo comes back to the Riviera Hotel & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada this year from September 12-14, for its 15th anniversary to represent the best games from the birth of the industry through today’s latest retro-themed products.

In what may be the highlight of the event, Intellivision Productions will be exhibiting their new Intellivision Flashback Console before it is released in stores.  Other vendors scheduled to appear at the expo include:  Toy Shack…

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Console Wars Battle that Defined a Generation

When I heard there was a book coming out based on the market battle between Sega and Nintendo, it seemed like a topic I’d like to read about. I grew up playing Atari and Coleco Vision, and the NES blew my mind putting an arcade in my bedroom, but I really remember the intrigue surrounding Sega Genesis. When I bought one, all my friends told me I was stupid and I should be buying the TurboGraphx 16. I was proven right when the Genesis won out, and never even delved into Super NES myself.


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Remembering the Atari Age

Occasionally I worry that our collective memory of home video games sees the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System as the true beginning. Talk to people about games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, and they still light up with excitement, appreciating the tremendous importance of these games in the grand scheme of gaming's evolution as a medium. And it makes sense, of course. Even those who aren't old enough to remember these games from their heyday understand w…

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Atari vs Intellivision with Interviews of Keith and Nolan

Halo 2600 headed to the Smithsonian

In 2010, Fries, a former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft, released a landmark demake, Halo 2600—a version of Halo, the multibillion-dollar series that has dominated 21st-century gaming—for the Atari 2600, the 1970s vintage console that brought us Pac-Man. Now, Halo 2600 has been added to the Smithsonian American Art Museum's permanent collections. A playable version will go on display at a date yet to be determined.

After reading a book about programming for the 1970s …

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Gamester81 Joins Collectorvision

Gamester81 has joined up with Collectorvision to help bring out new homebrew games for retro systems. Collectorvision will be producing games for Colecovision, Atari, Intellivision, NES, and more. Keep an eye out for many games soon!

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Valiant Comics has PITFALL themed Comic Book Cover for ETERNAL WARRIOR

A recent issue of Valiant's Eternal Warrior issue 2 payes homage to the Pitfall Atari 2600 cartridge. 

Fight for gaming consoles supremacy started with Atari vs. Intellivision

On Thursday, Sony’s PlayStation 4 arrives. One week later, Microsoft’s Xbox One debuts.

Given the escalating anticipation for these latest-greatest game systems, expect long lines and sold-out inventories. This will be followed by serious online crowing by fanboys touting the superiority of their console over the other, fueled in part by rival multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns.

Sony and Microsoft’s play for gamers’ affections and wallets is only beginning, but it’s certainly not …

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The Death of Blockbuster and Physical Media

Blockbuster will soon be dead. If it isn't already.

By early January, Dish Network, parent company to the sad remnants of the once-ubiquitous video rental chain that long-ago made it OK for adults to stay home on weekend nights, is closing its remaining 300 stores. Blockbuster shuttered its Toledo locations last year.

Dish Network, a Pay-TV satellite service, is also dropping Blockbuster's DVD-by-mail business.

The Blockbuster brand will be kept alive — barely — through a streaming service …

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AT GAMES is working on new Intellivision Flashback for retail and MORE

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Intellivision Productions, Inc. and AtGames Digital Media Ltd. have announced an exclusive licensing agreement for AtGames to release digital games and retail products based on the classic Intellivision video game properties. Intellivision and AtGames expect to introduce a wide range of products that will attract both longtime fans and new players alike.

"We are thrilled to partner with a company with such a solid reputation of keeping classic …

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