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Carol vs.The World 2015 Championship HAS BEGUN

The Carol vs The World Championship high score contest is now underway. Download the ROM or play with your own copy of the game to win top prizes. The full details on the contest can be seen here in the official contest thread on Atari Age

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Christmas Carol Now On Facebook

Check out the NEW Christmas Carol Facebook page. Pick up Carol for your Intellivision today!

Revival Magazine reviews Christmas Carol for Intellivision

Revival Magazine issue #45  has reviewed Chrismas Carol and given it a score of 8out of 10. Check out Revival magazine HERE.

Christmas Carol is still available for purchase from LEFT TURN ONLY. What are you waiting for?!!

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Retro Video Gamer Reviews Christmas Carol

Review by TREKMD - Score: 9/10

Christmas is one of my most favorite holidays in the year, so when I see video games that are Christmas-themed I jump at the chance to play them. I’ve collected several titles for the Atari 2600 but this is my first year with an Intellivision, so I was very happy to see this title being released for the system.

So, what is the mission on Christmas Carol vs. the Ghost of Christmas Presents? Saving Christmas, of course! You play the role of Carol Greenleaf, an …

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Classic Game Room Review of Christmas Carol

Classic Game Room reviews CHRISTMAS CAROL vs. THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS review from Left Turn Only for the Mattel IntelliVision, a 2012 release. This Pac-Man inspired game has you playing as Carol who collects presents, candy and magic snowflakes for points in frozen cave levels! Dodge the evil Snowman and easily confused ghost as you rack up points and save all of the presents for Christmas!

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Left Turn Only Finished Games!

Here are some pictures of the newly finished Christmas Carol and re-issued Space Patrol ready to ship out! Also a sexy pic of the limited edition clear Christmas Carol cartridge, truly rare! Visit Left Turn Only and Christmas Carol for more information.


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Christmas Carol for Intellivision Box Pictures

In case you have not yet seen the box for the newly available game Christmas Carol VS The Ghost Of Christmas Presents for the Intellivision, here you go. Check out the official web site for more info and ordering instructions.

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