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The Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014

The 2014 PGRE convention is here!  Check out the official website for full details.  Join in the Atari Age Forum discussion HERE

Retro Gaming Expo, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based non-profit cooperative organization dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for classic video and arcade games through the presentation of events and conventions that celebrate the historic contribution video games have made and continue to make in popular culture.


Friday, October …

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CGE 2014 - Entire Convention Auction Video

CGE 2014 - Convention Exclusive Homebrew Game Release BLIX

A new puzzle style game called BLIX has been released at CGE 2014, GOOD DEAL GAMES is the publisher behind this convention exclusive release. Copies were limited to only 30 copies and were sold out very quickly. So far no plans for additional copies have been announced. Many fans and collectors may have to wait until 2017 according to the information sheet shown at the convention. Visit the Atari Age forum discussion HERE

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CGE 2014 - Full Blue Sky Rangers Panel Interview

CGE 2014 - Intellivision Section Of Video Game History Museum

CGE 2014 - Convention Day Two Walk Through

CGE 2014 - Giant Mattel Electronics Soccer

CGE 2014 - Convention Weekend Fun and Booth Set Up

CGE 2014 - Convention Walk through

Intellivision to have major presence at CLASSIC GAMING EXPO 2014

The upcoming gaming convention, Classic Gaming Expo, is shaping up to be a great one for Intellivision fans. In addition to the official Intellivision Productions booth, there will be a booth for The Intellivisionaries Podcast, Collectorvision will also be in attendance with some games, as well as an yet to be revealed homebrew project from Good Deal Games. In addition to this, The Intellivision Flashback is expected to be playable, and possibly for sale. A couple other surprises may pop up as…

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GOOD DEAL GAMES to reveal new Intellivision Homebrew game at CGE 2k14 Convention

The upcoming CGE convention in Las Vegas looks to have alot of Intellivision goodness this year, including a new game to be sold at the convention, yet to be revealed. Join the speculation as to what it may be HERE

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SRGE 2014 Seattle Retro Gaming Expo

The Seattle Retro Gaming Expo is taking place June 28 and 29. Get all the details HERE.

Midwest Gaming Classic April 12 13 2014 Milwaukee

The Midwest Gaming Classic April 12, 13 2014 in Milwaukee, WI USA, more info HERE.

Video Game Summit July 12 2014 Chicago

The Video Game Summit. July 12 2014 in Chicago, IL USA. More Info HERE.

A Lone Intellivision Console at the NC Comicon 2013 Convention

Went to the NC Comicon 2013 Convention, and noticed one Video game booth that had an Intellivision Console, which was actually not for sale, just for show. A great Comic convention with tons of fun and cool stuff. 

A few other photo highlights from the show:














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Intellivision at Stan Lee Comikaze Convention

The Intellivision booth will be inside the fabulous Videogame History Museum at this year's show, Booth #123. Whether you grew up playing and loving video games or are just curious how blocky little blips on a TV screen grew into a multi-billion dollar industry, you should visit the Museum! Hundreds of video game consoles, arcade machines and memorabilia will be on display, tracing the history of interactive electronic gaming. And this isn't some "Careful - don't touch!" museum. Most of the …

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Portland Retro Gaming Expo coming in 2013

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2013 game convention is just around the corner, will you be attending?

Elektronite at Vigamus - Video Game Museum


Elektronite was at Vigamus, the second largest video game museum in Europe. Representative Valter Prette was the speaker and presented an Intellivision slide show to the attending audience. Covering: Intellivison history, Hombrew reality and Elektronite and LTO products. Also shown was D2K Arcade and Christmas Carol on a playable Intellivision console to the astonished audience.



You can look at the slide show that was presented by Valter Prette below.

Visit the official E…

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Intellivision Comikaze Exclusive PC Compilation


CGE 2K12 Is Almost Here!

The Classic Gaming Expo is just a couple of weeks away, happening on August 11th and 12th 2012 in Las Vegas. This event will be a special event for Intellivision fans especially, Intellivision Productions, Elektronite, and Left Turn Only will be present. Maybe a few surprises will surface from this event. You can see more about this event on the official site: CGEXPO. Classic Gaming Expo enters its 13th year as the world's first and largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and gam…

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