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INVINCIBLE Mario cheat in Elektronites D2K Arcade

World of Nintendo 8 Bit Toys

Intellivision D2K Arcade and DK Arcade Digital ROM sales end in July 2014

Sales of the ROM for the recent Elektronite games D2K Arcade and DK Arcade will be ending this July. Carl Mueller Jr., the games programmer is now concentrating his programming efforts on the upcoming Intellivision Ms. Pac Man game, so any proceeds from the ROM sales will help Carl out greatly. Here are the instructions straight from Carl himself:

 Hi everyone,

ROM sales for D1K/D2K will be closing indefinitely at the end of this month (July). I just don't have time to deal with the tiny tric…

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5 Things You Did Not Know About Donkey Kong

TORONTO – On July 9, 1981..... Nintendo changed the video game landscape forever with the release of their arcade puzzle-platformer, Donkey Kong, and not much long after, Donkey Kong Jr.  The game, which is still played in competition today, challenged players to move a little man up a series of ladders while dodging barrels being thrown by the title character in order to rescue his girlfriend at the top.

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Intellivision's DK Arcade on sale July 4th for 30.00!

Miss out on the recently released DK Arcade cart release by Elektronite?
 DK Arcade SALE! $30 US per copy with FREE SHIPPING 

 That is right. Order 1, Order 2, Order 10......just Order! This is a DK Arcade sale. 
 The sale will start at 12AM on Tuesday JULY 3rd Eastern Standard Time,
and end on Wednesday JULY 4th at 11:59PM  Eastern Standard Time.
There will be a special order BUTTON that will show up on the D1K Arcade page at;

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D2K Arcade Release Coming Soon

Stay tuned to the official ordering site GAMESFORYOURINTELLIVISION for ordering and updates on more upcoming Intellivision releases.

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