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Release update for Rocketeer by Groovybee

A new update from Groovybee shows a ton of new features and release plans for the upcoming Intellivision game, Rocketeer. For a full rundown on the game visit here.

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Hover Bovver and Apple Snaffle on Intellivision

At PRGE 2016, Hover Bovver and Apple Snaffle were both shown at the Groovybee Games booth. Hover Bovver was playing great and completed. Apple Snaffle was also playing very nicely. Also, both games will be available on the Atari 7800. Check out more info and screen shots here.

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The HIVE Intellivision Multicart Title Screen

The title screen for the upcoming Intellivision Multi-Cart has been shown by GroovyBee.  View the development thread HERE

HIVE Multi-Car Fan Information Video

The HIVE Information Page

Visit the HIVE information page hosted by Intellivsion Revolution. 

Introducing the HIVE Intellivision Multicart

Groovybee's Intellivision Multicart now has a name, HIVE, as revealed today. The initial run of will only be 20 copies, but a full deluxe boxed copy is in the works. The Initial of run of 20 will be priced at 75.00 plus shipping. Plenty more details can be seen in the OFFICIAL THREAD

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New Rocketeer Intro Sequence Shown

A new intro sequence has been revealed for Rocketeer by Groovybee. Rocketeer is expected to make its debut this year along with several other games. 

E3 2014 - Killbotz for Intellivision

E3 2014 for Intellivision is here! All expected 2014 Intellivision releases are being highlighted for your viewing enjoyment.

Intellivision Still Lives 35 years later!

Killbots is a game similar to Robotron or Berzerk. 

Hapless scientists that need rescuing!

Watch out fop that big bad security bot as you try to get the doors open. 



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Rocketeer Game Start Sequence

Groovybee has shown the latest clip of Rocketeer, the sequence at the start of the game. Check out the Rocketeer thread HERE.

A Compilation of Upcoming Intellivision Homebrews by Groovybee

Groovybee Shows New BEE3 Pcb and Rocketeer Gameplay

Groovybee has shown off his fully operational deathstar game cartridge now called the Bee3. Shown playing in an Intellivision console is the upcoming game Rocketeer presented by Capt. Bacon!  Here are some board specifications:

The cart in the video is using the ATmega644 and supports games with the following specifications.

  • Up to 32K words* of ROM space for a game and its data.
  • 1.5K words of RAM for game use.
  • 1K words of auto wear levelled EEPROM for high scores and game data.

* The…

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Up Close Look at Groovybee's PCB Designs

A quick look at 2 of the PCB's designed for the Mattel Intellivision by GROOVYBEE to be used on upcoming Homebrew games.

ROCKETEER and MARS MINIS Developer Gives Updates

The Developer and Programmer, GROOVYBEE,  of the games Rocketeer, Mars Minis, Apple Snaffle, and numerous other games in development for the Mattel Intellivision has given an update on the current status of the projects. See the update for yourself HERE

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MARS MINIS Homebrew Screen Update

The title screen and level intro cut scenes have been updated and are near completion for the upcoming Intellivision homebrew MARS MINIS. 

Official updates will appear in this THREAD BY GROOVYBEE




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Groovybee's New Intellivision Flash Multicart is Progressing

Atari Age user Groovybee is making progress on his new Intellivision flash based multicart. Alot has been done, but it still has a little way to go, hopefully a release in 2013!  While no Mattel or any other 3rd party game ROM's will come pre loaded, it is scheduled to have some game content from Groovybee himself. More details as they become available.

Technical stats:

  • FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 compatible.
  • Long filenames supported (VFAT).
  • Files are displayed in white, folders are in yellow.
  • 8…

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