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Mattel Intellivision Programmers Home Movie from 1984

Ted Mayers original Intellivision sketches

Ted Mayer was involved with Mattel Electronics on some original design work. Check out a few of his illustrations on his site

Remembering Playing Intellivision with Father in 1980s

Courtesy of Mark Leslie via 2WarpStonepTune, who lost his father unexpectedly in 2003:

" I thought I’d post this picture of my Dad and I playing Intellivision back in the early 1980’s. I love this picture. We were collaborating on one of the simple initial game offerings on this system: Space Battle. One of us would navigate the cross-hairs over the enemy spaceships and the other would fire. A simple task that certainly didn’t require two people, but the game was so much more fun when…

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Father and Son Playing Intellivision in 1981

Courtesy of 2WarpStoneptune

Voice Actor ROGER CRAIG SMITH Recalls Intellivision in an Interview

Roger Craig Smith is a voice actor who has worked on a wide range of projects. In addition to voicing superheroes like Batman and Captain America, he’s also been the voice Sega’s iconic video game mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sega recently announced that Sonic was getting a bit of a makeover in Sonic Boom, a new animated TV series and video that gives Sonic a fresh start with a new design. Smith talked to us about what its been like working on this big, new, Sonic project.

You’re current…

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5 Things You Did Not Know About Donkey Kong

TORONTO – On July 9, 1981..... Nintendo changed the video game landscape forever with the release of their arcade puzzle-platformer, Donkey Kong, and not much long after, Donkey Kong Jr.  The game, which is still played in competition today, challenged players to move a little man up a series of ladders while dodging barrels being thrown by the title character in order to rescue his girlfriend at the top.

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Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 1

Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 2

Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 3

No Regrets

Searching through the Internet I came across this old photo of a father playing Intellivision with his son from 1981. Here is the photo and the story behind this interesting picture. I'm sure we all have similar memories. The full Article can be found here. Enjoy.

" I thought I'd post this picture of my Dad and I playing Intellivisionback in the early 1980's. I love this picture. We were collaborating on one of the simple initial game offerings on this system: Space Battle. One of us would nav…

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