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The Minehunter page by Ryan Kinnen

A look back at Minehunter by Intelligentvision on Pixel Kitchen, the website of Ryan Kinnen. 


Orders for all Elektronite ending DECEMBER 15 2013 place your ORDER NOW

Elektronite, makers of some fantastic new Intellivision games, will moving overseas soon and will temporarily stop all sales of games. The deadline for ordering is December 15 2013. Sales should resume in the spring of 2014. Now is the time to place your order if you have been waiting! It appears that Minehunter and D2K Arcade are already sold out. Still available are Match 5, DK Arcade, Paddle Party, Hover Bovver (2 level demo), and the Defender of The Crown video demo cartridge. Also availab…

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Good Deal Games now has D2K Arcade and Minehunter in Stock


D2K Arcade and Minehunter are now in stock at Good Deal Games

D2k Arcade is priced at 69.75 and Minehunter is priced at 64.75, shipping charges apply.




One smart ape has escaped from his cage. Mario, the zookeeper, is in a real fix! The gorilla Darwin has captured a very special lady and made his way onto a construction site and up bewildering, unfinished structures and a veritable King Kong! Leap for your life over bouncing barrels, ride fast-moving platforms to di…

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Elektronite's Minehunter Still Available

Have you missed out on getting the Elektronite Minehunter release? Some copies are still available for purchase, visit ELEKTRONITE for ordering details.


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D2K Arcade and Minehunter by Elektronite Available Again

D2K Arcade and Minehunter by Elektronite are available again in limited quantities. More should be available when these sell out. Head over to GAMESFORYOURINTELLIVISION for ordering and pricing information.

Minehunter Box Art Revealed

The box art for the upcoming release Minehunter has been revealed by Elektronite. This will be the third release this year by Elektronite/Classic Game Publishers, First was D1K quickly followed by D2K. This should be available sometime this summer. Keep watch here or Elektronite for the exact release details. Many may of missed out on the original release and may never of had the opportunity to play this game.

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Artist For Upcoming Intellivision Homebrew Minehunter Wanted

Classic Game Publishers/Elektronite is currently seeking an Artist for the upcoming re-release of the great Intellivision game Minehunter. This will be the art featured on the box front, instruction manual, and overlays.  Any Artist wishing to find out more information can contact them on their site to find out more details. Minehunter is expected to release this summer at the latest.Also check out the original game developers page for more information on the game Minehunter.

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