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German Beauty and the Beast gameplay review

Intellivision Pinball review by ArcadeUSA

Top Hat Gaming reviews the Intellivision

CGR review of Copter Command

CGR review of Intellivision Atlantis

Copter Command Review by Gamester81

Atlantis for Intellivision REVIEW

PRINCESS QUEST for Intellivision gameplay video by Intellivisiondude

Copter Command Homebrew Review by IntellivisionDude

RetroPlay Beauty and the Beast Gameplay Review

RETRO BUYERS GUIDE Review of Intellivision

RETRO GAME REVIEW Swords and Serpents for Intellivision

Intellivision Dig Dug Gameplay Video

The Lost Caves of Kroz for Intellivision Gameplay and Review by Intellivisiondude

Ms Pac Man for Intellivision Gameplay Review by Intellivisiondude

Epic Intellivision Flashback Review

Brett Weiss reviews Match 5 for Intellivision

Review by BRETT WEISS:       One of the geekiest things I do is keep track of my high scores on classic video games in a spiral notebook. Most any time I fire up a vintage cartridge or a classic con…

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OldschoolNYCgamer review and impressions of D2K Arcade

Retro Video Gamer Reviews Christmas Carol

Review by TREKMD - Score: 9/10

Christmas is one of my most favorite holidays in the year, so when I see video games that are Christmas-themed I jump at the chance to play them. I’ve collected sever…

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Revival Magazine Space Patrol Review from 2008

With Space Patrol most likely seeing more copies released along with the long rumored Super Space Patrol this year, here is a chance to look back at REVIVAL magazine's original review of this fantasti…

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