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Brett Weiss reviews Match 5 for Intellivision

Review by BRETT WEISS:       One of the geekiest things I do is keep track of my high scores on classic video games in a spiral notebook. Most any time I fire up a vintage cartridge or a classic console homebrew title that I enjoy, I’ll have the notebook open to my all-time high score on that particular game so I can try and beat it. This makes the game way more fun and exciting than simply playing it with no particular goal in mind.
With Match 5, a terrific puzzler from the good folks …

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OldschoolNYCgamer review and impressions of D2K Arcade

Retro Video Gamer Reviews Christmas Carol

Review by TREKMD - Score: 9/10

Christmas is one of my most favorite holidays in the year, so when I see video games that are Christmas-themed I jump at the chance to play them. I’ve collected several titles for the Atari 2600 but this is my first year with an Intellivision, so I was very happy to see this title being released for the system.

So, what is the mission on Christmas Carol vs. the Ghost of Christmas Presents? Saving Christmas, of course! You play the role of Carol Greenleaf, an …

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Revival Magazine Space Patrol Review from 2008

With Space Patrol most likely seeing more copies released along with the long rumored Super Space Patrol this year, here is a chance to look back at REVIVAL magazine's original review of this fantastic homebrew game. Space Patrol is considered one of the best games PERIOD on the Intellivision Console. This year may be your chance to pick it up in case you missed it when it originally released or have been trying to pick it up on auction sites but has been too expensive. Stay tuned for more relea…

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