Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Alex Pace - The 125 Club Platinum Member

My Intellivision collection, considered the best in the world with Chris Neiman's one, aims to include all existing software, including prototype boxes and manuals of unreleased games. Special thanks to my friend Dan Blitz!

Fully working legendary Keyboard Component

Original Keyboard Component box, perfect conditions!

All keyboard component manuals, brochures and accessories

One of the first, if not THE first, Int. prototypes (1 in the world)

Back: note that there are no serial numbers or labels

The mysterious white Intellivision, only 2 in the world are known!

Pitfall prototype, 2 in the world!

The Dreadnaught Fracture true prototype (only 2 in the world)

All Star Major League Baseball prototype, only one in the world!

Donkey Kong prototype cartridge (1 in the world)

Lot of KC protos including J.K. Lasser’s 1980 Federal Income Tax

Super Football and Home Budget unique prototypes x keyboard component

Geography Challenge II, Crossword I, Spelling Challenge unique protos

Red and black demonstration cassettes for keyboard component, unique!

Unknown keyboard component prototypes

Spelling Challenge with prototype manual, unique in the world

Conversational French (mint), only a few in the world are known!

Jack Lalanne Physical Conditioning, a few in the world

Basic cassette & cartridge for keyboard component

Basic data cassettes for keyboard component

Crossword 1 (keyboard component)

Crossword 2 (keyboard component)

Crossword 3 (keyboard component)

Family Budgeting for keyboard component

Geography Challenge for keyboard component

Ultrarare 26 manuals of Playcable with original box

Popeye and Super Cobra prototypes made by Unimex, quite heavy!

Popeye and Frogger prototypes made by Unimex, quite heavy!

Tutankham prototype made by Unimex, quite heavy!

Spiderman prototype box

Revenge of Jedi, Game I e II: prototype boxes

The legendary Spiker Super Pro Volleyball, mint!

Congo Bongo in mint conditions, impossible to find!

All four Demonstration Cartridges (mint)

4 unique ECS cassettes from Intellivision Italian Club (30 games)

Learning Fun I e II, Stadium Mud Buggies, Dig Dug, Diner,Commando,etc.

Atarisoft, Intelligentvision, Nice Ideas, sport INTV, Mattel ECS.

All Imagic games, Tutankham and Super Cobra

Interphase, Activision, Parker Brothers, CBS (european Turbo included)

Various Mattel, Thin Ice, Thunder Castle

Various Mattel

Wing War reproduction box

Hidden overlays, Land Battle, Takeover, Space Cunt,Astrosmash Shootout

Sealed Tutankham and Super Cobra

Burgertime and Mission X gatefold version (unobtainable!)

The Game Factory manual, only a few in the world!

Space Patrol (Turn Left Only), one of the best Intellivision games

Cuttle Cart 3 (mounted inside David Harley's memory card)

MTE201 blue cart, manual and limited ed. box I made (some still left)

Different service manual and original envelope from Mattel Electronics

Intellivision Lounge Trio (limited edition) with Las Vegas cards

Unobtainable Imagic sale displays, gift of Bob Smith

Intellivision french catalog 1983, quite rare

The first multimedial computer in the history (rare european version)

Intellivision modified by O. Puschatzi, detail of video connector

Ultrarare Video Game Storage Center with original box!

Intellivision Family Playbook, ultrarare!!

All INTV catalogs, ultrarare!

All 6 Intellivision News, ultra rare!

Ultrarare italian catalog (including keyboard component stuff)

Revenge of the Jedi (intellivision) rare advertisement

Solar Fox (Intellivision) very rare advertisement

Lock'n'chase competition clip (ultrarare)

Fathom prototype - Imagic

Activision patches

Custom overlays for unreleased games

Custom overlays for unreleased games

Intellivision italian main seller brochure

Donkey Kong by Carl Mueller

DKII Arcade (Elektronite)

Grand Theft Auto - Intellivision

Rocky Bullwinkle, Yogi's Frustration, Adventures of Tron

Spina the Bee and Same Games & Robots (with voice)

Various rare leaflets

ECS extremely rare guide

Frogger extremely rare variant

The unique INTV game released for Nintendo