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Atarimax Maxflash USB Programmer

Intellivision Cartridge Dumping Adapter for Maxflash USB Programmer

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The Maxflash Flash Cartridges, combined with the powerful new Maxflash Studio software and USB Cartridge Programmer are the easiest way to design and produce working, tested and ready to use flash multi-carts for your Atari Computer in just minutes!

The new easy to use Maxflash Studio Suite includes a built-in recognition database of over 1200 of the most popular games, letting you drag and drop nearly any game program file into your cartridge workbook and have it work the first time, every time, without fussing with advanced configuration settings.

The new USB Cartridge Programmer allows you program your multi-cart creations to a real cartridge in just seconds! No more messing with in-system programming via SIO2PC, just plug, program and go!

Please review the extensive Maxflash Studio Documentation at the bottom of this page for a complete listing of features for both the Maxflash Studio Software and the USB Cartridge Programmer. Installation instructions for the USB Cartridge Programmer are also contained in these documents.

The Atarimax USB Cartridge Programmer and Maxflash Flash Cartridges are available separately or as discounted packages below. The Maxflash Studio Software is available for download below and also comes with the USB Cartridge Programmer on your installation CD.

Please note: The original Maxflash open-source programming kit, documentation and ISP programming tools are still available and supported for those who wish to delve deeper into the cartridge internals.