Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!


February 1 thru February 28 2016

Prizes shall be awarded to the top scoring players with grand prizes awarded to the top three scoring players. 

Enter the Copter Commandos High Score competition by submitting your top scores: HERE

The official Copter Commandos Competition thread on Atari Age and DOWNLOAD the Rom:  HERE.

Purchase your copy of Copter Command HERE.

View the High Score Competition Leaderboards HERE



Competition is only for the top scores of Copter Command on the Mattel Intellivision.

Game can be played on original Intellivision console OR via emulation. 

Players using the Cartridge version must submit actual photo of TV screen.

Players using the Digital Rom version must submit photo or screen shot and code must be verified. You may submit your code via the official ATARI AGE COMPETITION THREAD or CONTACT US FORM

Entry into competition does not guarantee a prize.

Players may not submit scores played on invincible mode. 

The competition starts on February 1st 2016 and ends on February 28 2016.

Any entries after February 28 2016 will not be entered.

Winner's name and address must be made available for receiving prizes.

Competition is for high score only, no certain board needs to be reached.

No charge for any prizes given away.

Have fun!



The competition will be in two different classes of players. You may only submit scores in one class. Cartridge or Emulation.

The prizes are as follows for the top scoring players in EACH CLASS!!!

**note: In the Cartridge version of Copter Command, your Copter becomes invincible in all modes after scoring 2,560,000. In the Digital Rom version, the score rolls over to ZERO after scoring 6,553,500. In the event of a TIE or multiple contestants reach the same scores shown here, a winner will be chosen via a random drawing. Have Fun!

#1. Copter Command Limited Edition, 15 Digital ROMs of Copter Command during programming, 1 Copter Command proto/test cart.

#2. Copter Command Limited Edition

#3. Copter Command Limited Edition

#4. Copter Command Regular Edition w/Patch

#5. Copter Command Regular Edition w/Patch

#6 thru #20. Two Copter Command Overlays

Copter Command Limited Edition ( #1 thru #3 winners)