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IGN's Top 25 Consoles Of All Time: Intellivision At 14


Intellivision, the mashing of the words "intelligent" and "television," hit the market as one of the Atari 2600's major competitor just a year after Atari's console offering landed on shel…

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Intellivision Skool Days

It was an Atari world back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but Mattel’s Intellivison staged a pretty good coup. The Atari VCS (a.k.a. the 2600) was the untouchable juggernaut of the hom…

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Upcoming Game Match 5 Preview of Box Art


The rough artwork for upcoming Intellivision release Match 5 was revealed recently Elektronite. More details on the release will be made available as the release approaches. Below is an inverted…

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Mega-Emu Arcade Interface Compatible with Intellivision

The Mega-Emu is an interface that can be used with emulation in arcade cabinets. You may connect up a large variety of original console controllers for more authentic gameplay, including the Mattel …

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Elektronite's DK Arcade ROM Order Page Is Live

Elektronite has now put up the official ordering page for the DK Arcade ROM. You may also customize your character and difficulty levels to a degree. Check out the official ordering page.

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Title Screen For Upcoming Game: Match 5

     Elektonite has revealed the title screen for the upcoming Intellivision release Match 5. More details soon.

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Paddle Party Box Art Complete

Left Turn Only Finished Games!

Here are some pictures of the newly finished Christmas Carol and re-issued Space Patrol ready to ship out! Also a sexy pic of the limited edition clear Christmas Carol cartridge, truly rare! Visit L…

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Minehunter Sold Out - Pre Order Now For Second Run

The intitial batch of Elektronite's Minehunter has sold out. Contact Elektronite to be put on the Pre Order list so you do not miss out again. The first run was very limited and only available to th…

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Space Patrol Available For Purchase

Space By Left Turn Only is available again in limited quanties for the Intellivision. Now is the time to purchase this excellent game! This new version now has the all new cartridge  and full colo…

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Christmas Carol for Intellivision Box Pictures

In case you have not yet seen the box for the newly available game Christmas Carol VS The Ghost Of Christmas Presents for the Intellivision, here you go. Check out the official web site for more inf…

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Sealed Tutankham and Super Cobra

Recent sales on Ebay of Tutankham and Super Cobra SEALED went for a nice price. Tutankham sold for $1,136.11 and Super Cobra sold for $349.44. These two games are rare to find opened, even more rare…

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Congo Bongo Sells For A Near Record Price

A near record sale of Congo Bongo for the Intellivision of $650.00. This very rare game peaked a few years ago at around $800.00. This box appears to be in very good shape as why it may of commanded…

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River Raid Gameplay On Intellivision

Robot Rubble & League Of Light for Intellivision SOLD!

Robot Rubble and League Of Light recently sold on Ebay for $1,485.00. These 2 have the Activision style carts which very few were made in this style.

Also a separate League Of Light recently sold…

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SNEAK PEEK - Paddle Party on the Intellivision Box Art

The almost finished box art for the upcoming release Paddle Party on the Intellivision from Elektronite by Classic Game Publishers has been revealed. More details on the release as they become availab…

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Zaxxon Escape by SEGA


Zaxxon Escape, from Sega, an old school game remake.

"Thirty years ago, the first wave of arcade fever was hitting America," Sega said in a blog on Monday. "A communal electronic experience …

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Christmas Carol For Intellivision Available!

box-cover.png title.png title_screen.png


As Carol Greenleaf, one of Santa's most trusted elves, you must explore the dark and frozen Ice-Cube Caverns to retrieve all the presents before the Evil Snowman returns.


Packed with …

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Ordering D1K Arcade ROM Details

The ROM (Digital Version) of D1K Arcade is now ready for distribution. The ROM is $15.00 but a discount may be offered if have purchase a physical copy in the post, inquire and make payments to Pa…

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Defender Of The Crown And Kickstarter

The long awaited game, Defender Of The Crown for the Mattel Intellivision will be coming to Kickstarter very soon. The game is over half finished and will surely benefit form this project that will …

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