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D2K Arcade and Minehunter by Elektronite Available Again

D2K Arcade and Minehunter by Elektronite are available again in limited quantities. More should be available when these sell out. Head over to GAMESFORYOURINTELLIVISION for ordering and pricing inform…

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The Pac Man Chart

Cartridge Sticker for Match 5 Revealed

Cartridge Sticker for Paddle Party Revealed

Intellivision Playcable Surfaces

The ultra rare Intellivision Playcable by General Instrument has surfaced recently on Ebay, with little time left until the close of the auction it is holding at 500.00. It has been years since one ha…

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The Nintendo Wii U is HERE

In totally unrelated news, the Nintendo Wii U is launching right now. The launch games total up to a whopping 24 releases varying from casual to hardcore to party to shovelware. Here is a little previ…

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First Look at the DK Arcade Cartridge

DK Arcade will see a release in early 2013 with a new cartridge, box, manual, and overlays from Elektronite. The previous release from Elektronite earlier this year was a Mattel cartridge only release…

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D2K Arcade Available in ROM Format for Emulators

The very popular Intellivision game D2K arcade that is currently out of stock in the physical form is
now being made available in ROM format. or use on various PC's for emulation. Ordering details a…

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Elektronite Website Getting Revamped Soon

The official Elektronite website.

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Are you IntellivisionDude's #1 Fan?

Who is intellivisionDude's #1 fan? We will find out soon by who is willing to prove it by winning this mega rare Space Battle game personally sign by Dude himself. This is a one of a kind collectors i…

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Realistic Pitfall Screenshot

What version would YOU rather play?

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New Intellivision Carnival Variant Discovered in 2012!

Some 30 years after Intellivision was originally released, Variations of normal releases are still being 'discovered'. After the discovery earlier this year of the Australian Donkey Kong rental, now c…

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Retro Circuit City Store Picture

Intellivision was Designed by ALIENS!

Fresno, CA -- The Intellivision game console was one of the big electronic products of the early 1980s in a market that was dominated by the Atari 2600, one of the most beloved video game systems of…

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Finished Match 5 Box Art

Visit Elektronite for more details.

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Updated Match 5 Title Screen


Paddle Party Title Screen

Retro Tandyvision Ad

Serial Numbers coming to Elektronite's Releases

Elektronite games to start using serial numbers for new releases. 

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