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Intellivision Game Spotlight: River Raid


The enemy has positioned a series of bridges across the river to ensure a supply line. Your orders are to destroy those bridges, and demolish choppers, tankers, and jets that patrol along the waterway. As you advance, the canyon narrows and the enemy gets smarter. Stay alert, the enemy never sleeps. And any mistake you make could be your very last.

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New Intellivision Games To Be At CGE 2012

If you can go to CGE in Las Vegas this year, you should be in for a real treat. It is rumored that there will be multiple Intellivision homebrew games available this year. One such title is the long awaited Super Space Patrol among others. Classic Gaming Expo enters its 13th year as the world's first and largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and games of yesteryear. The 2012 event will feature vendors, guest speakers, music and events celebrating the rich history of videog…

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Intellivision Developer Elecktronite Website Is Live

Elektronite born in Italy in 2005 as a no profit organisation as an initiative of Valter Prette at The aim of the new brand is producing development tools and documentation expressly for Mattel Electronics Intellivision platform. During Years 2006 and 2007 the company contacted several software houses and acquire licenses for developing classic hits such as Boulderdash (©First Star), Defender of the Crown (©Cinemaware), Gridrunner and Hover Bovver (©Llamasoft), …

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Same Game & Robots Pre-Orders Starting Now


Same Game & Robots orders are being taken now, Be sure to check your email if you are on the Newsletter mailing list. There may still be time to join the LIST. Check out the full game description over on the Same Game & Robots page on

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Boxed and complete Spiker Super pro Volleyball up for auction on Ebay

Currently up for auction on Ebay are two boxed complete Spiker Super Pro Volleyball games. One is from Ebay seller Utahmountainrose, this auction has no Reserve or Buy It Now and had a very low starting bid. In 2010 several boxed Spiker's sold around $1,100 an $1,800 respectively . It will be interesting to see if Spiker still holds it value and commands a high price tag as in the past. Check out the auction here: Spiker Auction. Another Boxed Spiker has appeared now. It will be interesting to s…

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Colossal Cave Adventure in development for the Intellivision

Colossal Cave Adventure, the text based computer game is in production for the Intellivision. Programming is being done by Valter Prette, the owner of Intellivision
This Game is anticipated to be complete sometime in 2012, possibly early 2013 for a release. Check out his online programming diary for constant updates. This Game falls under the new Microlabs label for new Intellivision games underway. For more history of this game check out this great Website. If you are new to Colossal …

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Updated Intellivision homebrew Same Game & Robots releasing in March 2012

This is updated and enhanced version of Same Game & Robots is scheduled to release in March 2012.Visit for ordering info and subscribe the the newsletter for additional news on more upcoming games. Here is the description of the game:  Strategy and planning is the name of the game regardless which title you choose to test your wits against. Learn to analyze and predict how the game will unfold to achieve the most points and successful completion. Welcome to the peaceful world o…

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The Golden Age of Video Games book

 Join video game industry expert Roberto Dillon on this fascinating journey tracing the history of video games, consoles, and home computers from their beginning in the 1940s through the mid-nineties, when some very important changes took place. Dillon explores how the definitive affirmation of IBM PCs as the standard home computer, the bankruptcy of previous home computer leader, Commodore, and the debut and rise of Sony's PlayStation console marked the end of the gaming world as it was…

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New Intellivision dedication site to 'Papa Intellivision'

There is a new Intellivision related website dedicatedto the memory of David P. Chandler "Papa Intellivision"and his work at Mattel that included the Intellivision.It has been started by his family and displays Intellivision items and documents from his estate. You can visit the site HERE

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Paddle Party in development for the Intellivision

Introducing Paddle Party for the Intellivision. This Homebrew game is being made by Catsfolly. Paddle Party will consist of 5 mini games including Air Hockey (shown), Handball, Tennis In Space, Doubleball, and Intellipongola. Stay tuned for any updates and news for a possible release.

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Rick Dangerous gameplay video shown in France

Rick Dangerous gameplay was shown at RGC 2011 in Paris, France. You can see the game's creator showing it off and it is looking great. This is expected to release sometime in 2012 and will be a welcomed addition to the Intellivision library.  Arnauld's official site is here. Check out the video on Dailymotion.

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New Intellivision game: D2K Arcade coming March 2012

It's TWO games in one! The first arcade game, PLUS a second game with four all NEW levels inspired by the arcade hit D2K: Jumpman Returns! TWISTED GIRDERS – A new barrels board loaded with surprises! Stay constantly alert because barrels travel both ways and flames rain down from above! THE MIXER – A relentless cement mixer tops off empty pie plates while full ones twirl down from the sky! Can you master the timing it takes to clear each conveyor? THE REFINERY – Oil, gas, and an array…

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